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Time For Sunset

Time For Sunset begins shooting November 21st 2019!

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Production Sources

  • New Republic Studios
  • Lucky Giraffe Set Fabrication


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Mark Baird Producer

About Time For Sunset

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Brief Synopsis

Time For Sunset will begin production in late November on the "Little Bear" soundstage at New Republic Studios near Bastrop Texas (near Austin). Thomas Calloway (Broke Sky, Dead Man Rising) is set to direct. The film stars Don Worley (Pastor Shepherd, Behave). Time for sunset is a 'contained' thriller, primarily taking place in one hotel room in an unnamed city.


Attached to the project:


Thomas Callaway


Tom is a vetran Director of Photography with over 100 films and TV shows to his credit. His directorial debut "Broke Sky" was criticaly acclaimed and won the Grand Jury Award for Best Film at Dances With Films in Los Angeles. Tom is a fan of 'contained films' (films that take place in only one primary location) and is looking forward to expanding his work in this genere of filmmaking.


Donald Worley

Donald Worley (Pastor Shepherd, Behave) will be playing the lead roll of John in Time for Sunset. John is an assasin longing for a more normal family life and hopeing to complete his final job tonight. Just how "final" this job turns out to be, may not be his decision.