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Becoming a Part of the Team

What does it take to be a part of our team?

Key Points

Be easy to work with

The "Hollywood Diva" belongs in Hollywood, not on a set in Texas. Film production is too complicated an art to tolorate the kind of disctractions ego and self doubt bring to the set.

Know your craft

Filmmaking requires artists and craftsmen from a wide range of diciplines. You should be the expert on your job on the set. You don't have to have a film school eduction (though it really helps) but you do have to be current in your chosen line of work.

Listen first

Paying attention is a art. The ability to stay ahead of the first AD is a gift. We value team members who are ready because they have been paying attention and know what is comming next.

Believe in yourself

You may have been on a hundred sets or this may be your first. In either situation, you still must believe in yourself. Either in your depth of experience, or in your abiliby to learn.

Be easy to work with

Just in case you wern't paying attention the first time.

A bit about our team...

Our sets run smoothly. Our artists have the time they need to create their vision.

The efficiency of a film set is often measured in 'dollars per minute' of shooting time. Any time lost to disagreements, incompetence, or negligence, is time that has been taken away from the artists who are creating the film and it is money that has been spent that is not appearing on the screen. Time spent in collaboration and creative improvement, always shows up on the screen.

We always have a mix of seasoned professionals and new recruits working with us at any given time. We take our responsibility to train the next generation of filmmakers seriously. We also understand that mistakes happen, even to the most experienced of us. It's not the miskakes you make but how you go about fixing them that defines your value as a team member. We welcome people who are ready to learn and people who are ready to take creative risks to improve our films.

Bios and stuff...

Second Chance Pictures currently has two salleried staff members. All other positions are filled with freelance artists and technicians.


Donald Worley

Not only is Don a vetran film producer and a SAG actor, he is also a stand up comic, a writer, and one of Houston's top lawyers. Don is the chief "story teller" at second chance pictures. His keen sense of plot and charictor can be found in every script and his knowledge of the process of filmmaking allows him to focus on storys that are produceable with the resources available.

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Mark Baird

Mark is both the line producer and the engener behind every SCP project. His depth of knowedge of all things technical ensures every film looks its best on the screen and meets the exacting standards of the theatres or streaming services where it is exhibited. But Mark also follows the numbers to ensure projects are accurately budgeted and reasonably scheduled.

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