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Currently in the final stages of pre production, time for sunset lenses in late November, aiming for a late spring entry into the festival circuit.

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Feature Film
Time for Sunset
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The Temporing is in early development.

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Feature Film
The Temporing
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The Firm Fixer is currently being pitched to various cable networks for placement in the 2020 season.

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Reality Television
The Firm Fixer
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After a successfull festival run, Behave is now in negotiations for distribution.

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Short Films

About Second Chance Pictures

Second Chance Pictures is dedicated to producing world class film and television entertainment.
We proudly support the Houston Texas area and the creative artists working here!



Story is the basis upon which everything else is constructed. We develop our own screenplays and we purchase select screenplays through "Hollywood Blacklist" and "InkTip"


We believe Texas has the best production crews in the world. We produce many of our films in Texas and hire local crews whenever possible. When shooting out of state, we bring key personell from Texas.


All of our projects are SAG signatory. We use a range of casting services throught the state to find actors for our films. Your SAG franchised agent is your best route to submitting for our projects.

Technical Excelence

We belive technical quality is paramount to quality storytelling. We use only the highest grade cameras, lenses, and microphones to record our source material and we take care to preserve pristine, uncompressed, high dynamic range visuals and audio throught the post production process.

Visual Effects

Seamlees visuals are what we strive for. We are always on the lookout for local companies that can provide high quality effects services for our films.

Texas Film Incentives

We work with lobbying groups from around the state to educate Texas lawmakers on the advantages of a healty film incentive program. Such programs not only bring out of state financing to Texas, but also allow films financed with local funds to shoot in Texas without costing the investors extra money they wouldn't have to spend in other states.

Recipe for success!

Whenever given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.

Robert Rodriquez

Meet the Producers!

Filmmaking is not a solo art. It requires a team of createve individuals.

It is the job of the producers to assemble a team for every project and to insure that that team works together on create a spectacular product.

Don Worley is a vetran film producer and a SAG actor. He is also a stand up comic, a writer, and one of Houston's top lawyers. Don is the chief "story teller" at second chance pictures. His keen sense of plot and charictor can be found in every script he develops.

Mark Baird is both the line producer and the engener behind every SCP project. His depth of knowedge of all things technical ensures every film looks its best on the screen and meets the exacting standards of the theatres or streaming services where it is exhibited. But Mark also follows the numbers to ensure projects are accurately budgeted and reasonably scheduled. Bringing a production in on time and on budget is a halmark of Second Chance Pictures.

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