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Power of Attorney: Don Worley

Unscripted television

Season one premiered on ID, a Discovery channel and also ran on the Discovery channels "American History Channel", "The Travel Channel," and now on Amazon Prime.

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Pastor Shepherd

Feature Film

Premiered at a film festival in Houston and also at the HBO Latino comedy film festival in NYC. And had a limited release in indie theaters in certain cities and then went to Redbox, Netflix, and every Walmart and Best Buy before landing on Amazon Prime.


Prayer Hour

Youtube Web Series

Parody on televangelists who are only in it for the money.  See the webisodes here



Short Films

This short premiered at the renowned Los Angeles film festival "Dances with Films."

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Time for Sunset

Feature Film

Currently in the final stages of post-production aiming for a late 2023 release.


The Tempering

Feature Film

The Tempering is in early development. Make sure to check back on the website for further development.

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Theatrical, Cable, and Streaming

About Us

Second Chance Pictures

Second Chance Pictures is dedicated to producing world-class film and television entertainment. We proudly support the creative artists working everywhere!

Houston-Based Production Company

World-Class Film and Television Entertainment

We offer a range of services to help bring your vision to life. Whether you need a great script, talented actors, expert crews, cutting-edge technology, or stunning visual effects, we've got you covered.

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We also start with Story. You can make a bad production with a good script but you can never make a good production with a bad script. Don Worley is the lead writer at Second Chance Pictures but Second Chance pictures also accepts script submissions from other writers and has purchased scripts from other writers in the past.

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Technical Excellence

We belive technical quality is paramount to quality storytelling. We use only the highest grade cameras, lenses, and microphones to record our source material and we take care to preserve pristine, uncompressed, high dynamic range visuals and audio throught the post production process.

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We hire the best crews available who believe in our projects.

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Visual Effects

Seamlees visuals are what we strive for. We are always on the lookout for local companies that can provide high quality effects services for our films.

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All of our projects are SAG signatory. We use a range of casting services throught the state to find actors for our films. Your SAG franchised agent is your best route to submitting for our projects.

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Film Incentives

We work with lobbying groups in every state to educate lawmakers on the advantages of a healthy film incentive program. Such programs bring out-of-state financing and allow films financed with local funds to shoot without costing the investors extra money they wouldn't have to spend in other states.

Meet the Producers!

Filmmaking is not a solo art. It requires a team of creative individuals. It is the job of the producers to assemble a team for every project and to ensure that that team works together to create a spectacular product.


Don Worley

Don Worley is a seasoned producer and a SAG actor. He was a standup comic for years appearing at comedy clubs and corporate events around the country. He is also one of the top attorneys in the country and the show “Power of Attorney: Don Worley” is based on Don and his firm. Don is the chief "story teller” in charge of the initial writing or the rewrites of each production at Second Chance Pictures. Don will be appearing in several films and television shows as himself “Attorney Don Worley” slated for production by other studios in 2023.


Mark Baird

Mark Baird is both the line producer and the engener behind every SCP project. His depth of knowedge of all things technical ensures every film looks its best on the screen and meets the exacting standards of the theatres or streaming services where it is exhibited. But Mark also follows the numbers to ensure projects are accurately budgeted and reasonably scheduled. Bringing a production in on time and on budget is a halmark of Second Chance Pictures.

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